Engineering Studies, Design and Project

I.1 Structural Analysis, Structural Design, Structural Assesment (Buildings, Hotels, Shopping Malls, etc.)

I.2 Proyect design of bridges, tunnels, interchanges and grade crossings.

I.3 Executive projects of Highways and road, urban and rural network developments and subdivisions.

I.4 Metropolitan water systems, sewer systems, water management and conduction systems.

I.5 Airport and railway engineering studies.

I.6 Hydraulic works, wastewater treatment plants, water network systems.

I.7 Ports and harbors facilities.

I.8 Urban development executive projects.

I.9 Environmental studies

I.10 Touristic developments and resorts.

I.11 Transportation systems and Traffic engineering

I.12 Architectural and urban studies.


Planning and Financial Studies

II.1 Feasibility, Economic assesment, planning and project evaluation studies.

II.2 Financial studies, Economic studies, socioeconomic impact studies, and revenue and pricing structure studies.

II.3 Project evaluation of Urban, Industrial, touristic andnagroindustrial projects.

II.4 Operational research and system engineering studies.

II.5 Statistical, demographycal, and marketing studies.


Field and Laboratory Studies

III.1 Geological geophysical and geotechnical studies.

III.2 Surveying, Topographic, hydraulic and bathymetric studies.

III.3 Soil farming studies.

III.4 Soil Mechanics.

III.5 Construction materials quality control, elaboration of water and materials specification documents.

III.6 Monitoring and asessment of Structural movements.

III.7 Infrastructure Inventory, asessment studies on land use and land tenants.



IV.1 Infrastructure, property and bussiness valuations, appraisal of machinery and construction equipment.

IV.2 Expert review of contract specifications, elaboration of cost estimates, elaboration of documents for public

bidding as well as bidding outsourcing services.

IV.3 Expert wittness and assesment of civil works.

IV.4 Engineering consultory and expert advisory services.

IV.5 Review services for Highway projects.


Construction Management and Supervisión

V.1 Systematic and financial control of construction projects.

V.2 Project management, Engineering Management, Quality control management and Administrative management.

V.3 Technical and administrative Audits of construction projects, projects and studies.

V.4 Technical Review of Highways Infrastructure Projects, Construction Managenment and Supervision.